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Howard Wolfe, W2AGW, SK

Services will be hold on Monday December 9th for Howard Wolfe, W2AGW, who passed away on December 7th, at the age of 95.

In lieu of flowers, the family request a donation, in Howard's name, to the Cyctic Fibrosis Foundation % Paige Bolton 108 Oweno Rd. Mahwah,NJ 07430

Howie was first licensed in Brooklyn, NY as 2AGW in 1926. His first DX QSO was with a station from Britain in the early 1930s.

For many years Howie never owned a microphone and rarely operated anywhere but 20 meters except for DX contest. For many years W2AGW dominated the top spot on the DXCC honor roll and he was always the last person standing at Dayton when the did the DX countdown at the annual dinner.

According to Howie his crowning DX achievement was a QSO AC4RF on December 19, 1949. Bob Ford had been making brief appearances on the air for several days and Howie never thought he would make it. When he finally made the QSO it was all he could do to not fall out of his chair! Needless to say this was also his favorite DXpedition of all time. Howie was one of only a hand full of DXers ever to work AC3, AC4, and AC5 without the benefit of DXpeditions.

Howie once ran for Director of the ARRL's Hudson Division which produced the only tie in a division level election in the League's history.

Howie was one of the founders of the NJDXA, server as Secretary/ Treasurer for many years and also server as President. He was an active member and attended meeting until very recently. He actively served the QSL bureau for 40 years.

Although Howie's DX accomplishments were legion, he never boated, and was always there to help anyone new to the hobby or DXing. He was polite to everyone and was a true friend. He was a one-of-a-kind, it is the end of an era.

Tab Howie is survived by his daughter, Ellen, two grandchild, and one great grandchild.

Howie, I'll miss you dearly.
Urb, W2DEC

There are 71 entries in the
The Howard Wolfe, W2AGW, Memorial Book

Last entry was added on Monday September 22, 2003.

[1] From NWA ABA GUY who lives in LAGOS. Entered on Monday September 22, 2003.

[2] From W5UX who lives in Brunswick Georgia. Entered on Thursday June 12, 2003.
"My dad W5UX was a member of the LW club. I used to listen to the Sunday meetings. I was W5UKL then. Later I obtained W5UX as a vanity call. My grandfather also used W5UX. My two sons are not interested in ham radio. Looks like a bribe is in order."

[3] From bob ainge..w5mjq ex k2gmo njdxa who lives in bangkok thailand. Entered on Sunday April 13, 2003.

[4] From Ed Cushing, W4GW (formerly W1QVJ and W4QVJ, W1WW) who lives in Flat Rock, NC. Entered on Friday February 14, 2003.
"Ray, W4BJ (ex-W2BJ) introduced me to Howie at the reception held for Gus in the NYC area. Later I would get my laughs from Howie at the FOC Dinners and a couple of times at Dayton. He was, as has been said many times in these memorials, a true gentleman. Plus, a GREAT amateur and a fine human being. Miss you!!..................Ed"

[5] From Don Search, W3AZD/Hope Sm,ith,WB3ANE who lives in Ft. Lauderdale,Fl. 33324. Entered on Sunday January 19, 2003.
"A great friend for 35 years. See you at DAYTON in sprit. "

[6] From Robert J. Kelemen W1US who lives in Skygate Estate, Andover,VT 05143-0099. Entered on Wednesday January 8, 2003.
"CQ W2AGW CQ CQ CQ W2AGM CQ CQ CQ .............Nothhing Heard!"

[7] From Erwin Wutke WA2EW who lives in Kingston N.Y.. Entered on Wednesday January 1, 2003.
"May he continue his QSO'S with God in heaven 73 Erwin "

[8] From Ellin Wheelihan, daughter who lives in Western Springs, IL. Entered on Sunday December 29, 2002.
"A Tribute To My Dad: I would like to sincerely thank all of my Dad's friends who sent messages into his Memorial Book. It means so much to my family to read these over and over and with each reading, learning a little bit more about him. You knew him as Howie,W2AGW and I knew him only as "Dad". I am most appreciative of his friend, Urb, for putting the book together and sharing all of the amusing stories and most of all, the love and respect that came from all corners of the world. You are all truly special. Now, my turn. Growing up, the greatest reward was a trip to the radio shack. I'd sit, very quietly in a huge old chair that had become so highly polished and slippery by all of the DXers who came before me. My feet were about six inches from the floor. Not a word was said until the contact was complete, and then I would have a geography lesson, some history, a touch of foreign language and a definite lesson in manners as I would spin the chair as fast as it would go when he turned back to his desk. I was enthralled by the huge map that hung over his desk as he pointed to each country as he made contact. The constant tap tap always made me feel safe, as I knew that my dad was home. Late that evening, after his funeral service, I was alone in the house. I went up to his radio shack. Nothing had changed. A half written note, with his pencil beside it, sat on his desk waiting to be finished. The map seemed so much smaller, but I remembered the location of every single country. I sat for a while in the same old chair, that had become even more slippery over the years and spun around a few times, because it felt like the thing to do. I always thought that the radio shack and my Dad would be here forever. My feet still didn't touch the ground. My Dad wore a dress shirt and a sports jacket til the very end. He was just as you all remember him, a perfect gentleman. Not a Dad who played baseball with me in the backyard, but a Dad who took me to many home Yankee games. He never took me to a Saturday afternoon matinee, but I saw Maria Callas perform in Lucia DaLamamour. Elvis was never mentioned in our home, but Dad and I had front row seats to see Toscanini conduct. Dad's version of "running out for a burger" was Saturday night at the Russian Tea Room with his "best girl", me. We all have things in common. He gave only his best. Rest in Peace, Dad, we all love you. Sincerely, Ellin Ellin and Jack Wheelihan, 1000 Longmeadow Western Springs, IL 60558 708-246-1161"

[9] From Mike Crawford WA2VUN who lives in W.Caldwell, NJ. Entered on Sunday December 22, 2002.
"Computor problems prevented me from expressing my sorrow to to passing of Howie Wolfe sooner, I was close to Howie for a number of years and the knowledge,stories and experiences I got from him will be with me always. I did a lot of work for Howie on him antenna system and tower, I was always a pleasure to work with him and be in him company. Our trips to St Marteen through the 90's were priceless and something to remember. Always a gentalman. Amateur radio has lost someone special, He will always be the last man standing. Sempri Fi Mike WA2VUN"

[10] From Bill Marvin who lives in Waseca, MN. Entered on Monday December 16, 2002.
"To a True "Sky Pilot" you will be missed."

[11] From Erik Schmidt - OZ1GIY who lives in Kastrup, Denmark. Entered on Monday December 16, 2002.
"Your signal was always 59. Now your signal only exist among the stars on it's way to that final DX roundup. Take care, 73, Erik "

[12] From Bob Naumann N5NJ ex KR2J who lives in Plano, TX. Entered on Monday December 16, 2002.
"My first remembrance of Howie was seeing him at my first NJDXA meeting arriving in a new 280Z. I thought "hey, this is one cool old guy". I had no clue how "cool" Howie really was. Shortly thereafter, I recall that he got a new dark green Firebird TransAm. He welcomed newcomers to the NJDXA with encouragement and a smile. Howie was serious about DXing, and about the NJDXA. It was great toasting Howie on his 85th birthday in Dayton 10 years ago. Many of the others who have now pre-deceased Howie were there too. I'm too young to have been there, but I had heard about the poker games, and all sorts of other wonderful times Howie was part of over the long history of the NJDXA. I got to know Howie on a personal level when his son passed away several years ago. He was truly a loving man. All of the emotion expressed by the others who knew him is fully understood and probably causing some tears to well up as these remembrances are read. We should all hope that we leave such a legacy. 73 de N5NJ ex KR2J"

[13] From Paul Waschishin who lives in R.Komi Inta. Entered on Monday December 16, 2002.
"Rest in Peace! 73 dear friend Howie de Paul!"

[14] From Alex, RX3ZL who lives in nr Belgorod,Russia. Entered on Monday December 16, 2002.
"Rest in Peace!73 de Alex"

[15] From Tom Neill K4XG who lives in College Grove, TN. Entered on Sunday December 15, 2002.
"Howie: Best 73 - 161 to my FOC buddy now that you have QSY'ed to the land of eternal peace and DX. I will miss you my friend and it was an honor to be acquainted with you. K4XG"

[16] From Alex US0AK who lives in Sumy Ukraine. Entered on Sunday December 15, 2002.
""Rest in Peace, FATHER of DX-ing!" "

[17] From Vlad, RN3AP who lives in Moscow, Russia. Entered on Sunday December 15, 2002.
"Rest in Peace, FATHER of DX-ing!"

[18] From Ed Hawkins K6ZO who lives in La Mirada, CA. 90638. Entered on Saturday December 14, 2002.
"Although I Didn't know Howie personally, I do know he was one great DXr and he never missed a lick whe it came to working a NEW ONE. So long pal."

[19] From Brian Keegan KF2HC who lives in Caldwell, NJ. Entered on Saturday December 14, 2002.
"When my wife Ann and I first attended NJDXA meetings as guests we would see Howie sitting at the table in his jacket and tie and think how neat it was this old timer could still get out on a Friday evenings to be with his pals. When we learned how old he was we were amazed. He certainly did not look or act his age. He was full of spunk. Eventually we became members of the club and got to know Howie better. The more we learned about him the more we realized how special a person Howie was. Ann always made a point of chatting with him at the meetings before we'd leave for home. They had a special relationship that I know Ann cherished. He was a great story teller and a true gentleman. We knew him for only a few years but were priviledged to have known him at all. When we learned of Howie's passing several of us were in French St Martin (FS) carrying on a NJDXA tradition started by Howie and a few others back in the 1970s. A few tears were shed, a toast was made, and then...QRZ? Howie was with us that night for sure. Howie was the NJDXA's oldest member. At present I am the youngest member. Perhaps one day I'll be the club's oldest memeber but I could never fill the shoes of Howard Wolfe. He was one of a kind. Rest in Peace, young man. "

[20] From VE2XLT ex-UB5LT who lives in Montreal Canada. Entered on Saturday December 14, 2002.
"Recalling 1965-1968's when I was a Ukrainian SWL UB5-45040 UB5-0775 I remember listening to Howard on 20 mtr - great DX for myself from the Other Side of the World ! I wonder what the Family did to the 1000's of QSL collected over the Century? Would be nice to scan'em and Publish on the CD ROM for us:-) "

[21] From Don Christensen W8WOJ who lives in Midland, Michigan. Entered on Saturday December 14, 2002.
"W2AGW has been a familiar call to me since first being licensed in 1941. We finally met in the NJDXA hospitality suite at The Dayton Ham- vention many years ago. I only worked Howie one time on 20 CW but I know we were friends. We are gradually loosing our DX pioneers and I will miss seeing the call W2AGW at the top of the DXCC listings. 73 Howie de Don W8WOJ"

[22] From Steven A. Artz, W8KRA who lives in Charleston WV. Entered on Friday December 13, 2002.
"I met Howie at Harrison radio almost 40 years ago. I then met him at Dayton in the NJDX suite. He asked if the 75s3 he solod me was still working. ( It was used. He suggested I run it through the dishwasher and change the electrolytic caps., It worked) He also had a good word at Dayton and was a true DX hound. "

[23] From Eric Martin K7ABV who lives in Great Falls, Montana. Entered on Friday December 13, 2002.
"Howie did something many DX'ers would like to do by working all those countries!! His total will be almost impossible to reach..I can only dream of working those countries hi...may he rest in peace in the Last Country we all hope to reach someday...howie was an inspiration to follow and god bless him for all he did for the great hobby and DX which is also my passion..k7abv/Mt"

[24] From Ben Stevenson - w2bxa who lives in Colonai, NJ. Entered on Thursday December 12, 2002.
"The DX Community will never be the same --- having known and enjoyed Howard`s friendship for more than a half century, all I can say at this time is please "Rest in Peace my Friend" "

[25] From Sylwester Jarkiewicz, SP2FAP who lives in Suchacz-Zamek, Poland . Entered on Thursday December 12, 2002.
"To bardzo duza strata dla swiatowego krotkofalarstwa. Cześć Jego Pamięci! "

[26] From Mark D. McIntyre Sr WA4FFW who lives in Burlington NC 27215. Entered on Wednesday December 11, 2002.
"Our deepest symphathy in the lost a great individual and a pioneer. We all will miss him. "

[27] From Bob Entwistle N1XX who lives in Norwalk, Conn. Entered on Wednesday December 11, 2002.
"I recall the many times that I heard W2AGW on 20 cw during the last 46 years that I have been a ham. You never think that calls of old timers like Howie will ever be silenced. Rest in peace. BOB"

[28] From Hans J. Meurer, W2TO who lives in Ridgewood, NJ. Entered on Wednesday December 11, 2002.
"Howie - You were so close and it hurts deeply within! Three decades ago,when I met you first as a guest at an NJDXA meeting, introducing myself as ex DL1XX from Germany, you not only looked but greeted me as a True Gentleman. I knew at that time that I had found a friend, but little did I know what GIANT you were. In the decades following,we talked about DXing from two Continents, European Symphony Orchestas - and I never left you without a smile on my face. Your quick wit in good and bad times was better than any medicine. Sonia and I had the privilege to meet your lovely wife, your son and daughter and we loved and respected all of you.How many times did I sit next to you at NJDXA meetings and at Dayton when you were the last one to stand. And how happy was I, like back as a 14 year old DX enthusiast, when I could "return" two years ago a "72 year old 2AGW card" to you which you had sent in February 1928 to 6BZM. Thank you for all the great moments with you which I count to my many blessings in my life. May You Rest In Peace. Hans, W2TO "

[29] From Urb, W2DEC who lives in Tuckerton, NJ. Entered on Wednesday December 11, 2002.
"After reading Ellen White's post about Howard and Bob "arguing (as only Howard could!) with my W1CW, in a true DX location" my though was that if anyone is ever going to put Heaven on the new country list it would be Howie and Bob! Cards may be a bit of a problem :-)"

[30] From Ed Benkis W2HTI who lives in Franklin, NC. Entered on Wednesday December 11, 2002.
"I'm one of the lucky ones to have known Howie for nearly 50 years. As a fledging DXer I was introduced to him. What luck! He took me under his wing and was often a source of sage advice. Memories persist of that moment so very long ago when Howie, apparently fed up with my childish 'no-can-do' attitude with respect to a problem I was facing suddenly quipped, "Until I see you jump off that table flapping your arms, don't tell me you can't fly!" Thanks Howie! I've learned how to 'fly' as have many others,I'm sure, who were fortunate enough to have known you."

[31] From Eileen Benkis KO4DI who lives in Franklin, NC. Entered on Wednesday December 11, 2002.
"Those wonderful dinners at various places. The brief chats about our hobby. The longer delightful stories about life's experiences. Laughing at Howie's oft repeated remark, "You're just a kid, what would you know?" I got to know a lot more since I met that wonderful man!"

[32] From Harry NA2K who lives in Milltown, N.J.. Entered on Tuesday December 10, 2002.
"I have an ache in my heart for the loss of Howie. The same ache that I felt when my rock climbing partner passed away a few years ago. It is truly difficult for me to express the joys of knowing how important Howie was to me and the radio fraternity. But I shall always remember the fun trips to Dayton where our Howie sat and held court. Our Dayton suite just won't be the same without Mr. Wolfe in attendence. Here is a short poem who's writer is unknown. He's Free Don't grieve for him, for now he's free. He took God's hand when he heard him call. He truned his back and left it all. He could not stay another day. To laugh, to love, to work DX or play. His tasks left undone must stay that way. If his parting has left a void. Then fill it with remembered joys. Be not burdened with times of sorrow. He is wishing us the sunshine of many tomorrows. His life's been full and he savored much. His good friends, good times for DXing and his touch."

[33] From Pete Barr, W9UF who lives in Darien, IL. Entered on Tuesday December 10, 2002.
"Rest in Peace Howie. The DX community is richer for having known you, but poorer for having now lost you ... -.-"

[34] From David Beckwith W2QM who lives in Delray Beach, FL 33445. Entered on Tuesday December 10, 2002.
"There never was a more dedicated ham than Howie. Always a gentleman and ready to help when ever asked. He gave many of parts we needed to build a rig or put up an antenna. Hamdom has suffered a great loss."

[35] From Andy 9X0A (YU8/9X0A) who lives in Temp. in Kosovo. Entered on Tuesday December 10, 2002.
"REST IN PEACE ! 73 dear friend de ANDY"

[36] From Rag LA5HE who lives in Telemark, Norway. Entered on Tuesday December 10, 2002.
"I have known Howie for ages and met him in Dayton several times.He always came across to me as a true gentleman ! We cannot get enough of his caliber and he will be greatly missed. 73 88 Rag"

[37] From Hal Kennedy N4GG who lives in Gaithersburg, MD. Entered on Monday December 9, 2002.
"I first met Howie in 1964, on moving to Demarest NJ and noticing Newt's (W8RT when he went SK, but W2DNG at that time) tower up about a mile from me. Newt and Howie took me under their wing and introduced me to DX. I'm still chasing it. After moving to Florida, I would make Howie and Newt's 1345Z, 14.006 Sunday morning skeds following the Lone Wolf net at 1200Z. W2FZY, WA2DIG and others were regulars. Both Howie and Newt dropped in on the Orlando Hamfest more than once, and they both logged a few evenings on the couch or in the spare bedroom at my place in Orlando. I recall Howie once driving a Pantera, and becoming frustrated with it frequently overheating on his commutes to NY. He told me he traded it even for a new Cadillac: "What's a Pantera?" the Cadillac dealer asked him..."What's a Cadillac?" replied Howie. Around 1980 I got to fooling with borax jar rectifiers - a nostalgia exercise. I asked Howie one Sunday morning if he had heard of them. Heard of them!? There are still rings burned into an attic floor in Brooklyn where I first operated with those things, he replied. I will really miss Howard Wolfe - working him on the air, seeing him at Dayton, looking him up in QST to see his call at the top of the page. 73 and Good DX from the new QTH Howard... Hal, N4GG "

[38] From Pete Chamalian, W1RM who lives in Burlington, CT. Entered on Monday December 9, 2002.
"It's truly a sad day -- we've lost yet another great op and friend. I first met Howie when he worked at Harrison Radio in NYC. At the time, I was just a high school student with just about 2 cents to rub together, but Howie took time to show me the gear and chat. It was always a highlight to see him and Betty at the annual North American FOC dinners. 161 ole friend -- you will be missed."

[39] From John Burgio W2JB who lives in 586 Mountain Ave, N. Caldwell, NJ 07006. Entered on Monday December 9, 2002.
"When I first met Howie Wolfe in 1969, it was after I had been QRT from amateur radio for approximately 20 years. He soon became my guru! He always found time in great detail to bring me up to date, not only on technical advancements from the old “Boat Anchor” days following WW-II, but also on operating procedures as they affect DX’ing.

We spent many hours on the early FG0DDV/FS7 expeditions which occurred in the late 1970’s – early 1980’s, with Howie elucidating on early Gus Browning days and many others that followed. We’d sometimes spend two or three nights on the “Don Miller” stories. It was also on these trips he primed me to take over the NJDXA’s Dayton Hamvention Reservation Duties. Howie Wolfe was a great early supporter of the Dayton Hamvention , in that he in, the 1950’s, got a large segment of the DX Community to attend that gathering each year. In the early days I was told the NJDXA suite at the old original hotel was the only “must attend” watering hole at the Hamvention.

As Urb, W2DEC, said , “We have come to an end of an era”. Those of us who had the pleasure of knowing Howie, will miss him. May he rest in peace

[40] From Elisabeth Wheelihan, Granddaughter who lives in Lenexa, Kansas. Entered on Monday December 9, 2002.
"Anytime we ever visited my grandparents when I was a little girl, I would wake up in the morning to a funny beeping above my head. I would go up to the attic and there sat my grandfather talking to some of you, I'm sure. But it seems that all of you played a part in keeping my Grandpa young (the fiesty you don't get credit for!) When I was 15, he picked me up at JFK in his Datsun sporty something-or-other and scared me to death when he pulled over on the side of the highway and told me to drive. I was petrified and kept braking. He told me that sports cars were meant to corner and if he saw me hit the brakes again, he'd drive the rest of the way home. Thank you all for sharing your stories and Urb, Thank You for being such a good friend to my Grandfather. For those of you that have lost loved ones, tell them to watch our for Grandpa Wolfe in the sports car...I don't know how it'll corner up there. Love you Grandpa, Liz"

[41] From Howard Klein K2HK who lives in Binghamton, NY. Entered on Monday December 9, 2002.
"It is with extreme sadness that I noted the passing of Howie. I was a mere neophyte when I first met him at the home of another great NJDXA Dxer, K2HLB. Howard was always helpful and humble, truely a gem amongst amateurs. His operating skills were legend but his class is what set him apart."

[42] From Bill Tippett W4ZV who lives in New London, NC. Entered on Monday December 9, 2002.
"I knew Howie over 40 years ago when I was K4RID and we were both members of Gus W4BPD's Lone Wolf Net. Gus, myself, W0DU, W2AGW, W2FZY, W3LMA and W5UX were among the regular check-ins on 14050 kHz every Sunday morning at 1200 UTC. Of course this was before the days of Packet, Mega-Expeditons, etc. and we shared DX info this way. I was just a teenager at the time and this was before Gus made his famous expeditions. It was always a pleasure to chat with Howie and I regret I never had the chance to meet him in person. 73 & God's Blessings! Bill W4ZV (ex-KN4RID, K4RID, W0ZV)"

[43] From ER1BAF who lives in Moldova, Europe. Entered on Monday December 9, 2002.
"Rest in peace. 73, Max."

[44] From Rick PY1VOY who lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Entered on Monday December 9, 2002.
"I am sure Howie is still leaving in our hearts. His callsign will never be forgotten. God remains with him. Howie is certainly praying for us. Thank You"

[45] From Ellen White, W1YL/4 who lives in Seffner, FL. Entered on Monday December 9, 2002.
"Howie had it ALL, and I was privileged to know him as a friend. I'm confident he is now arguing (as only Howard could!) with my OM, W1CW, in a true DX location."

[46] From Bob Cheek, W3VT who lives in Myrtle Beach SC. Entered on Monday December 9, 2002.
"I first met Howie personally at a Dayton DX dinner about 20 years ago. He and my XYL got into a long discussion about longevity and how to achieve it. Even then he was thinking about how to preserve and continue the prime requirement for a leading DX record -- long life! As a fellow DX'er and FOC member I had many QSO's with him and he always said he was feeling fine. He contined indeed to add to his DX total, including a couple more a few months ago when he worked P5 and Ducie Island."

[47] From Bob Cheek, W3VT who lives in Myrtle Beach SC. Entered on Monday December 9, 2002.
"I first met Howie personally at a Dayton DX dinner about 20 years ago. He and my XYL got into a long discussion about longevity and how to achieve it. Even then he was thinking about how to preserve and continue the prime requirement for a leading DX record -- long life! As a fellow DX'er and FOC member I had many QSO's with him and he always said he was feeling fine. He indeed to add to his DX total, including a couple more a few months ago when he worked P5 and Ducie Island."

[48] From Rod, K5BGB who lives in Houston, TX. Entered on Monday December 9, 2002.
"Howie and I first became friends when we were members of Gus Browning's Lone Wolf DX Club. What a clan that was each Sunday on 14055 at 13Z...W2FZY, W3KVQ, W0DU, W5UX, W5AZB etc. I have so many great memories of Howie...outstanding fist, super dxer, but above all else, Howie was just one helluva nice guy. He leaves a giant void in ham radio never to be filled again. May you rest in peace old friend... "

[49] From Mark Clark, W4CK who lives in Fayetteville, Tennessee. Entered on Monday December 9, 2002.
"I was a fellow member with Howie of the First Class CW Operators' Club (FOC). I was at one of the DXCC Count ups at Dayton when Howie was the last man standing! Very impressive! Always a gentleman...he will certainly be missed!"

[50] From Jim White, K4OJ who lives in Near Tampa, FL. Entered on Monday December 9, 2002.
"Many years ago when I was in my pre-teenage years (about 30 year ago) I had the pleasure of meeting Howie and his wife. My parents - Bob, W1WPO (W1CW) and Ellen W1YYM (W1YL) were hosting a party at their home in Connecticut and all kinds of hams were showing up... I recognized some of the places from having met them before but had never met Howie. I did not have my ham ticket yet, but when Howie showed up I took notice. While I had not devloped an interest in Ham Raido yet I was indeed interested in cars. Up onto my parents lawn pulled a bright Red Prosche 911, and came Howie and his wife. They were "old" - in a sports car - wow. Until this point I thought that old people were a pretty boring lot, but seeing this old guy with a 911 Porsche, well - it was time for me to re-think. I got up the guts to tell him that I thought he had a really cool car and he asked if I would like to see it - he showed me the 911, and I was in heaven. Later as became liscensed and realized what a DXer Howie was he still was as kind to me. The talk now was about Ham Radio, and Howie was still cool. As I further grasped just how many countries he had worked, and the role of the deleted countries in his totals I was even more enamored with the man. Seeing him at Dayton each year until recently with his NJDXA friends was always a high point of the weekend. Thanks Howie, my Dad recnetly passed away and I am sure the two of you are sharing "war" glory day stories of DXing. "

[51] From Herb Asmussen, OZ7SM - G0WAZ - ex VS6AD who lives in Stennevej 64, DK-6200 Aabenraa, Denmark. Entered on Monday December 9, 2002.
"I have had the pleasure of meeting Howie for many years at Dayton and we shared many memories sitting in the corner of the 'Stouffers' burning the DX-midnight oil! Howie, I am proud to have had eye-ball QSO's with you the #1 DX'er I will always treasure the photos you sent me. CU in DX-heaven! 73 de OZ7SM (since 1947)"

[52] From Rich Wujciak K2RW who lives in Rockaway, NJ. Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"I had the privilege of knowing Howie for some 45 years. We first met when he worked at Harrison Radio on Barclay Street in New York City, a fact that several people have aleady mentioned. A group of us teenagers used to make weekly pilgrimages to that Mecca of ham radio, Radio Row, to spend the little money we had on whatever the goverment surplused that week, but always ended up at Harrison's to drool over the lastest commercial gear. Found it especially difficult to keep from spinning the dials on the Collins gear. Then a loud, gruff voice, would bellow from across the showroom.. "Hey kids, get away from that radio!" That was a bit intimidating for a bunch of novices like us, so we would move on to the used Heathkit section. As the years passed, and we got to know Howie much better, it was plain to see what a good guy he really was. When I formally joined the NJDXA in 1971 after a 10 year association with the club (sorting cards etc.), Howie, at the ripe old age of 64, opted to give up management of the A letter. I felt quite honored to take it over from him. The first time I got to vist him at home was when I went there to pick up the A files. Needless to say, I received a cook's tour of the shack; one of those moments I'll never forget. Over the years, we drew closer, and made several vists to his home, more recently,along with K2CO, simply to look after his welfare. Ron and I noticed that his memory was starting to fail rather rapidly, especially since this spring. However,physically, he was in superb shape for a man of his years. Howard's passing really marks the end of an era. We all will remember him and miss him very much. Rest in peace my friend. "

[53] From Walter Bernadyn who lives in Mahwah NJ. Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"It was my honor to help Howie evrytime he came to the NJDXA meeting to help him attach his call letter name plate. The good lord willing, I will look for Howie in a couple of years and see if his name tag is fastened right. God Bless You. 73 Walt"

[54] From Fred Duran, W4NKI who lives in Birmingham, Alabama. Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"I think I first met Howie in about the 1958-1961 period when I purchased some Collins equipment from Harrison Radio in New York City while working for General Electric in upstate New York. I moved away in 1964 and did not meet and talk with Howie again until a Dayton Hamvention in about 1990. It was my pleasure to see and talk with him at most of the Dayton Hamventions since 1990. He was a real gentleman and outstanding role model for the DX fraternity. He will be missed by many! "

[55] From Gary Gaudette, W1GG who lives in Lanrsborough, MA. Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"For many years I was a member of the Lone Wolf DX Net on Sunday Mornings with Howie, Fuzzy and others. I always enjoyed our short chats on CW. I also appreciated the eye ball QSOs with him at Dayton. He was always a true gentelman and I like all DXers will miss him. "

[56] From Teo EA6BH and 3C1DX who lives in Mallorca Island (Balearics Islans). Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"I,m very sorry.. Teo"

[57] From Steven Weinstein K2WE who lives in Dobbs Ferry, NY. Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"I was saddened to hear of Howard's passing.. I have never met a finer gentleman. I first met him when he worked for Harrison Radio in New York City back in the early 1960's.. I was a teenager and spent countless hours drooling over the radio gear I could never afford.. He was always curtious and never asked us to leave.. even though it was obvious we wouldn't buy anything.. Many year later, when I became a member of the NJDXA, I was pleased to renew memories with him.. It was an honest pleasure to say I knew W2AGW.. Howard, Rest in Peace... 73 SK..."

[58] From Ron Levy, K2CO who lives in Morris Plains, NJ. Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"Howard Wolfe was the epitome of a DXer. He had become an icon of the DX Fraternity. This gentle man was a true gentleman. He never ventured out of his home without a tie and jacket. He always maintained his dignity and that of the people with whom he associated. He was a shining star among the accomplished DXers of the NJDXA and around the world. Howie's accomplishments are manifold, not only in amateur radio but in life. He dedicated a large portion of that life to the management and maintenance of a facility for mentally compromised children. He commuted from Harrington Park, New Jersey to this school in Long Island every day until he was well into his eighties. Howard looked forward to the Dayton Hamvention every year. Not only was he honored by those he met but he also had become a friend of the Mendelson family. Those who have visited the Hamvention know that Mendelson's is a large surplus company headquarted in Dayton. When Howard walked into their sales area, he was immediately recognized and welcomed. As the official "Fearless Leader" of the NJDXA Dolphins, Howard made biennial trips to the island of St. Martin. He enjoyed being with his friends and spinning yarns about the "olden days." Howard's passing leaves a void in my heart. He was my adopted grandfather and I grew to love this man. His warmth and kindness will be long remembered. "

[59] From RAUL LU6EF who lives in ARGENTINA. Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"Really very sad to know about Howie passing. So many contacts over the last 30+ years for me!!!!!!! Sure, we will miss him. My condolences to the family and relatives. Raúl/LU6EF"

[60] From Martti Laine who lives in Helsinki, FINLAND. Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"Howie, this is Martti. Can you hear me? At least you can see me! Those notes in your cards were the highlite of my DXpeditioning. Not many people took time to express their emotions. You certainly did! I knew that you lived this long just to work them all. Not many people would know that you brought up your aged typewriter to type new country QSL cards. You wanted to be precise because those cards had a special value to you. Your ribbon was weary but it did the job until the very last one. I will write you more later. Just get settled and God will look after you. You only left friends behind - not many people would do so. Rest now, Howie....It was a long journey. You will be remembered! Your trusted friend in DX. Martti, OH2BH"

[61] From Rich Gelber, K2WR who lives in New York, NY. Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"Howie's role at the Dayton DX Dinner DX Countdown is well-documented above, but Howie never wanted to be the center of attention, and the other NJDXA members attending probably enjoyed it more than Howie did. He was very capable of joking about how old he was, and in fact he routinely drove himself to meetings until about 2 years ago. He was surely the best-known member of the NJDXA, and we all borrowed a little of his identity every time one of us described the Club, as "you know, Howie Wolfe's club". Howie was truly special, and he'll be missed greatly."

[62] From "Ray" WAŘKNP who lives in Madison, MN. Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"I did not know Howie and never worked him but with his DX record and the number of friends and admirers he had, it seems another of the great hams is gone. My condolences to his family."

[63] From Frank Schwab, W8OK who lives in Dayton, OH. Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"Really sad to hear of Howie's passing. I'm sure he is where there is never any QRM and a new country (entity)every day. Howie and the NJDXA guys came to the very early Dayton Hamvention and it had been my privilege to know him. His birthday often came on the date of the SWODXA DX Dinner. We always sang "Happy Birthday" to him. During the DX CountDown, he was the last one standing and he humbley acknowledged the honor. Our sympathy to his family. "

[64] From Chris Wreck K2HVE who lives in Bayonne, NJ. Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"To Howie SK, Qso'd to U Only once, But Heard U So Many Tmes On the Air, rest in peace"

[65] From Steve Adell KF2TI who lives in Landing, NJ. Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"Howie greeted me at the very 1st NJDXA meeting I ever attended. He asked me how many countries I had at that time. When I told him almost 150, he stated that when I got to 200, let him know and he'd buy the first round of congradulatory drinks. He then told me, when I get to 300, I had to buy. If memory serves, we both made good on those suggestions. Howie, it was my pleasure to have known you. G-d speed."

[66] From Jay Rodaman, WB2BHC who lives in Rockaway, NJ. Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"Howie a true gentlemen, a true Ham, it was a pleasure to know you. You will be missed by all that knew you and a loss to those that did not. Ham radio's trueest silent key."

[67] From Leonard ( Lenny) Mendel K5OVC ex W2OVC who lives in Pearcy,Arkansas. Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"Years ago when i lived in NY. I met Howie and was told the story. Just after WW 2 The NY Times reported that the French Govt. was going to open a Cable & wireless station on Wallis isl FW. Howie sent a cable to The French cable & wireless station. He said if you are a Ham radio operator and can get on the air. Please call me on 14250 ?khz.on Sunday at 2200 utc. ?I will look for you every Sunday. I WILL NOT CALL YOU. Well 3 or 4 weeks went by. and one Sunday on the scheduled time. There was FW8AA calling W2AGW. Howie answered him and echanged reports. The whole world started to call FW8AA.He did not come back to anyone. He shut down. When other Dxers started to berate Howie about the contact. Why they could not work him. Howie said " Send your own cablegram". Howie had beat the world with a new DX contact. It was many months before FW8AA came on the air. When I was W2OVC on the east coast. I went with the NJDXA group to the Dayton Ham convention.1972?(in those days you had to reconfirm the flight back home). Well My XYL Norma confirmed the Flight back to New Jersy.But she found that the Tickets that Fuzzy W2FZY had gotten for all of us was printed with the Return date of MONDAY, Not Sunday. we Called Howie. We told him of the error. He said DO NOT WORRY. It would be taken care of. Well Sunday at the airport We were ok. But The other New Jersey guys had problem. Howie & Fuzzy got top gether and booked flights, on any other carriers, First class etc. Fuzzy gave the airlines a check. and we all flew home sunday. He had Fuzzy stop payment on the check. and the travel company they had booked the flight on made good.It was a very funny experience. "

[68] From Ronald Loneker Sr. KA2BZS who lives in Scotch Plains, NJ. Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"So long Howie. You will be missed by so many."

[69] From Joe Weisberger 4Z1JW / W2FJF who lives in Pardess Hanna, Israel. Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"As a 13 year old just-licensed Class B ham, I attended my first meeting of the Radio Club o Brooklyn. As I entered the meeting room, Howie spotted me standing there nervously, walked over, introduced himself and then took me around and introduced me to the old timers, including W2ARW, W2BJ, W2PF and many more 'Big Guns'. By his warmth and enthusiasm, I was launched into the fraternity, remaining active to this day. Howie, Thank You!. Joe Weisberger 4Z1JW / W2FJF"

[70] From George, WA5KBH who lives in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Entered on Sunday December 8, 2002.
"A gentleman's gentleman. May his soul rest in peace. 73, George"

[71] From Urb LeJeune, W2DEC who lives in Tuckerton, NJ. Entered on Saturday December 7, 2002.
"It was my honor to have know Howie almost 50 years. Although most will remember Howie as a as a legendary DX operator, I will remember him most for being a kind and gentle human being. He never spoke an unkind word about anyone and was always there to lend a helping hand or words of encouragement. As both a DX operator and a friend, they didn't come any better. It is truly an end of an era.

I hope they have a Jack Daniels on the rock waiting for you at that big DX roundup in the sky. 73 my friend."

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