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There are currently over 3,000 ham radio links in 79 categories on the North Jersey DX Association website. We would appreciate if you add additional links.

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Category: Homebrew - Containing 58 Links

FSK/AFSK optoisolated rtty interface (2,771,742 viewings)
Prototype PC Board manufacturing (2,771,742 viewings)
A.G. Tannenbaum Co., Ambler, PA - parts, Manuals etc. (2,771,755 viewings)
AC/DC Converters, Power Supplies (2,771,742 viewings)
Alabama - Homebrew Glowbug Tube Rigs (2,771,742 viewings)
Audiolab of Georgia - many parts and free NTE Cross-reference software (2,771,748 viewings)
Bulgaria - LZ4ZD's Homebrew site (2,771,742 viewings)
California - Build your own telephone/modem rf filter (2,771,742 viewings)
Canada - FODtrack automatic rotor controller (2,771,742 viewings)
CHIP PINOUTS (2,771,751 viewings)
Crystal Radio Group (2,771,742 viewings)
Crystal Set Society - ideas and resources! (2,771,756 viewings)
Dan's Small Parts: Catalog on-line (2,771,755 viewings)
Dave Hockaday's parts for sale: tubes, xfmrs etc. (2,771,751 viewings)
DC Power Supply, DC-AC Inverters, DC-DC (2,771,742 viewings)
DC Tech - Test Equipment (2,771,751 viewings)
DC/AC power inverters, battery chargers (2,771,742 viewings)
DTMF (Touchtone) Windows software and DTMF LINKS (2,771,758 viewings)
Europe - Amateur Radio Homebrewing Projects (2,771,742 viewings)
Europe - Atmel AVR micro-controllers, AD9850 DDS (2,771,753 viewings)
Europe - DDS and QRP (2,771,742 viewings)
Europe - Electronics, Radio & Computer Homebrew (2,771,742 viewings)
Europe - HAM projects (2,771,742 viewings)
Europe - Harry's Homebrew Homepage (2,771,760 viewings)
Europe - RF Clipper,Squeeze electronic and more (2,771,742 viewings)
FAQ - Sci.Electronics.Repair (2,771,748 viewings)
Florida - The Sweeper (2,771,742 viewings)
Georgia - Homebrew projects, tube & transistor. (2,771,742 viewings)
Gerald Cluff, W7CKW - parts & supplies (2,771,747 viewings)
Ham Universe - Radio information for all (2,771,742 viewings)
Harry's Homebrew Page (2,771,753 viewings)
Homebrew dual band antenna (2,771,742 viewings)
Homebrew spectrum analyzer project (2,771,742 viewings)
India's Leading Amateur website (2,771,742 viewings)
Jim Potter's page (2,771,753 viewings)
John Okolowicz: Grill Cloth Supplier (2,771,747 viewings)
Kilovac Vacuum Relays! (2,771,748 viewings)
List of LOCAL SOURCES of ELECTRONIC PARTS for any area! (EEM) (2,771,751 viewings)
Motorola radio programmer plans (RIB) (2,771,742 viewings)
Neil, WK9Q of Radio Recyclers has a ton of parts FS (2,771,756 viewings)
New Jersey - WN2A Homebrew Heaven (2,771,770 viewings)
New RF Parts for sale by Bruce, WB9ANQ (2,771,754 viewings)
One-electron's web site transformers etc. (2,771,749 viewings)
Plans for the Optimist-80m DSB 1 watt TX by SM6LKM (2,771,750 viewings)
Power supply manufacturer database (2,771,742 viewings)
PREM Magnetics - Power Transformers from Illinois (2,771,746 viewings)
QEX - the ARRL Experimenters Exchange (2,771,752 viewings)
Quarter wave length speaker design (2,771,750 viewings)
RA0FF Contest Page (2,771,748 viewings)
Radio Frequency and Microwaves Research Group at Caltech (2,771,747 viewings)
SESCOM Co. - supplier of cabinets and audio transformers (2,771,747 viewings)
Sowter Transformers for Tube audio (UK) (2,771,748 viewings)
Steve, K1EL's keyer based on a PIC microcomputer IC (2,771,753 viewings)
Tech Bench Elmers ARS - R&D newsletter (2,771,747 viewings)
Teletronix LA2-A schematic possibly more (2,771,750 viewings)
The Hackers Home Page (2,771,761 viewings)
V & F Transformer Co. (2,771,747 viewings)
Web site with links to electronic component manufacturers (2,771,758 viewings)