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North Jersey DX Association Home Page

Welcome to the North Jersey DX Association Website.

club-qsl-card-small.gif The North Jersey DX Association sponsors the ARRL Second District incoming QSL Bureau. If you have a "2" call (N2, K2, W2, etc) and want to receive incoming DX QSL cards via the bureau you will need to purchase credits. To purchase or add credits please click on the link below.

North Jersey DX Association is proud of our heritage and our dedicated volunteers.
Purchase Bureau Credits

How to receive DX, W1AW/p and W100AW cards via the bureau

arrl-c1a.gif To receive QSL cards via the Bureau from DX stations you will need to subscribe to the W2 Bureau.
In addition, to receive W1AW/portable and W100AW cards from the recent ARRL Centennial QSO Party you need to subscribe to the W2 Bureau and request from the ARRL to receive the cards. Please visit our Bureau FAQ by clicking on the FAQ link to the left for more information.
ARRL How to receive W1AW/x portable and W100AW cards

Meeting Announcement

The next meeting of the NJDXA will be held on Friday, November 18, 2016 at 8:00 P.M. at the Morris County Police and Firefighters Academy on West Hanover Avenue in Parsippany. Please note - this is on the third Friday of the month since the facility is closed on November 11th.

This meeting is open to the public.

The meeting is in room 139 in the Academy. Park in the main lot and as you pull in the entrance will be straight back through the double doors. Turn left to room 139.

NJDXA Holiday Party December 2015

a.jpg Members of NJDXA and their guests had a wonderful time at the Basking Ridge Country Club for the annual Holiday Luncheon.





W2EN Recognition

w2en.jpg Bill Hudzik, W2UDT presented our Bureau Manager, Doug Rue, W2EN with a plaque on behalf of NJDXA recognizing "Doug's continued support and tireless effort". Doug has done a fantastic job as Bureau Manager! Thank you Doug!

NJDXA Members that were affiliated with FOC - By Rich, W2VT

foc_logo.jpg QSL via W2 BURO?
By Rich VanTieghem, W2VT

I am very pleased to be a member of both the FOC and the North Jersey DX Association. NJDXA is much more than a DX club, as it has continually operated the ARRL 2nd District Incoming QSL Bureau since 1957. Members meet monthly to discuss DX and club matters, and to receive their bag of DX QSL cards that are to be sorted and/or mailed to subscribers. Despite the popularity of electronic QSLing and LOTW, the use of real QSL cards via the bureau continues to be strong (thanks partially to improving propagation). As one of more than 25 "Letter Managers", I sort and distribute cards to about 200 of the many amateurs who have a "2" in their callsigns.

It turns out that I am not the only FOC member who has been involved with the NJDXA (or vice versa). At least 15 individuals have held that dual distinction. Perhaps these callsigns will bring back memories:

K2BZT, Hayden Evans (FOC 513) - Hayden was involved early on with NJDXA, and when not sorting cards, he found time to be a Director of Comsat and to earn 5 Band DXCC award #9.

W2EQS, Charles O'Brien (FOC 627) - Chas was a devoted top-band DXer who received 160 Meter DXCC certificate #12. He often provided 160 Meter DX tips at the monthly NJDXA meetings.

W2JAE, Clem Coleman (FOC 810) - Clem was a regular attendee at the Dayton Hamvention, and would often combine his trip to Dayton with a side trip to see the Kentucky Derby horse race.

W2AGW, Howie Wolfe (FOC 813) - Howie was a Charter member of NJDXA, and he ably maintained his position at the top of the DXCC Honor Roll for many years (wih 391 confirmed!)

K2AGJ, Eileen Holmes (FOC 837) - Eileen excelled at operating, despite living in one of the noisiest RFI areas in the Northeastern USA. She was an A1-OP and an early member of YL-ISSB.

W2GHK, Stu Meyer (FOC 850) - Stu was a very active DXpeditioner. He served as President of QCWA in the 80's, and was an ARRL A1-OP.

WA2DIG, Vic Ulrich (FOC 897) - Vic was affectionately known as "Digger". He was the W2 QSL Bureau Manager (an exhausting volunteer position) for 15 years.

W2GW (W2HZY), George Wright (FOC 1023) - George had been a railroad telegrapher, and reportedly could send code at 50 WPM while simultanously engaged in a separate conversation.

W2AIW, Charlie Rogers (FOC 1120) - Charlie was in the marine radio business, and had designed his radio room to resemble the inside of a ship, complete with portholes.

W2JVU, Frank Frisch (FOC 1209) - Frank was a very early NJDXA member. His home was about 100 yards from the entrance to the George Washington bridge, which was one on the noisiest locations in existence (second only to K2AGJ's QTH).

W2QM, Dave Beckwith (FOC 1255) - Dave (a recent SK) was an appointee to the ARRL's DX Advisory Committee (DXAC). During WW2, Dave fought at the Battle of the Bulge, and was awarded the Bronze Star.

W2ZZ, Lou Amoroso (FOC 1396) - Lou was an A1-OP, and served as ARRL "Section Manager" for Northern New Jersey.

W2JB, John Burgio (FOC 1451) - John enjoyed CW on the low bands, and was very outgoing. I have fond memories of talking with John at meetings and of many CW QSOs with him. John was a WW2 veteran, having served in the US Army Signal Service in Europe.

V31JP, Joe Pontek (FOC 1743) - Our wonderful News Sheet editor was an Associate member of the NJDXA for about 5 years, and he was a regular at the NJDXA's Dayton hospitality suite.

Another NJDXA member was well known among many in the FOC. This was W2TO (W2HIU) - Hans Meurer. Hans was one of my early mentors in the hobby (we lived in the same town, so I couldn't miss his big signal). When I first visited his shack one evening after school, Hans showed me "the way" by introducing me to CW DXing on 40 Meters.

I hope that the FOC / NJDXA tradition will continue on into the future. BTW... if you don't hear me on the bands, I'm probably sorting cards and stuffing envelopes!

Many thanks to Urb LeJeune, W1UL (NJDXA Charter member) for providing me with tidbits about many of the members described above.

161, Rich W2VT

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The next NJDXA meeting is on Friday November 18, 2016 at 8:00 p.m.
The meeting will be held at the Morris County Public Safety Training Academy.
This meeting is open to the public and all are invited.
This is on the third Friday of the month!.

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